June 22, 2024

This is a very custom VL Walkinshaw replica. Genuine 5ltr wagon, VL Calais front clip and full Walkinshaw body kit modified extensively to fit the wagon, full panel and paint completed few years ago, fully trimmed Recaro interior, fresh built 355ci ported heads, oversized stainless valves, crane rockers, solid FT cam, new 850hp rated reverse pattern manualised th400 & 4k RPM convertor, 3.9 lsd BW diff, Holley Terminator X stealth efi, made 377hp on hub dyno Astra power steering pump under guard, all braided hoses for trans, power steering, & fuel system, shaved engine bay hidden wiring, ECU and fuse box mounted under dash, B&M shifter, VT brake upgrade, sssl all round, 20’ Walky wheels. Really nice wagon gets looks everywhere it goes, travelled approx 500kms since engine & driveline upgrade. The wagon is for sale, contact me on instagram @badqmonaro if you are want to get in touch with the owner, I’ll help refer you to them.